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Sensuality & Sense

Become part of the “Sensuality & Sense” story. You can become the main character of the story by author Joey Goebel. A multi-media experience with animated illustrations, atmospheric sounds and interactive elements is waiting just for you.

For the new CLS web special, author Joey Goebel wrote an interactive, personalizable shortstory. The Berlin-based illustrator-duo Drushba Pankow created the visual setting. Over 400 preparatory drawings by the illustration-duo Drushba Pankow, over 300 hours of coloration with paint and brushes, over 100 gigabyte high-resolution scans, over 40 hand-illustrated pagestates digitally dissected into 200 layers and individually animated by hand unify this web special.

Here you see the background animations that I created for the Mercedes-Benz CLS webspecial which is also available for the ipad. For each transition, there were only two static images and a connecting element (which was animated by the illustrators frame by frame). Please also check out the finished animations embedded in the webspecial.

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Commissioned by: Jung von Matt
Client: Mercedes-Benz

Agency: Jung von Matt
Project Management: Christian Passarge
Creative Director: Fabian Frese
Creative Director: Thimoteus Wagner
Art Director: Simon Hiebl
Copywriter: Luca Rescheleit
Copywriter: Niklas Schachtebek
Creative: Robert Ehlers
Illustrators: Alexandra Kardinar, Volker Schlecht / Drushba Pankow
Motion Graphics: Michel Magens, Robert Pøul Menzel

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